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Christan Renée (Hunsbedt); Myofascial Release Therapist & educator specializing in

Women's Health and Somatic Emotional Release 


I believe that women pursuing healing and support with trauma, pelvic dysfunction, prenatal/postpartum and fertility challenges, deserve options that support their body in it's natural healing process.


For this reason, I have researched and have been working in women's natural health with

Myofascial Release for over 13 years. 


Not only have I used these tools to personally recover from carrying and delivering my seven children, I have also used them to recover from physical and emotional trauma. 


I have been able to achieve and experience deep healing through these tools.


In addition to Myofascial Release, I am a proud provider of Mercier Therapy for eight years. 


I have witnessed countless women heal, conceive and carry their baby to term. I am so honored to be doing what I love in this, as what I refer to as, “the midwifery of fertility.”


My hope is that I serve you as a support to believe in your body to heal itself and to follow your intuition to guide you to the fulfillment and embodiment of your dreams.




      Education and Certifications below


My Certifications are in  Myofascial Release, Mercier Therapy, Medical Manual Therapy, Prenatal , Medical Intuition, Cupping, Acu-Lymphatic, Massage Labor Support & Neuromuscular Therapy. 


Edmund Morgan School of Neuromuscular and Manual Therapy, where I received my licensure  June of 2010.

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