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-Mercier Therapy Client

From my first call to my  first appointment, I never felt so at peace. Having  embarked on this journey of healing blindly. Having no prior knowledge  of Mercier therapy as a chiropractic physician, Christan put my mind at ease. Her insight, expertise, knowledge, along with her calming demeanor allowed me to ask all of my question while creating a safe place. 


My overall goal for this treatment was to conceive. Having suffered from a miscarriage after successfully giving birth to my first child. I felt like my body was not functioning at its best. After doing some further research on what was explained and knowing my family history of certain illness in regards to reproductive health I knew that this process  was beneficial to my health, even if no child was to be conceived.  My overall health was the focus and foundation.


Placing no expectations on myself or Christan I allowed my self and body to heal through this process.  I started the therapy in April and by August became pregnant and baby boy is due in May! The best part of it all was having some one like Christan to be apart of it all. She is one of the most genuine people I have met and so blessed to have met her. I highly recommend her. Her presence alone is a gift!"


Heal Good Collective

Myofascial Release Client

“Christan and I met in an unconventional way and immediately had rapport. At the time I was well down my difficult fertility path through IVF and she knew exactly what my womb and heart needed in order to help our transfer of our solo healthy  embryo be successful. We worked together to do some deeply powerful, somatic release and womb-work. She’s kind, warm, empathetic, and an incredible healer. Forever grateful for that fateful day when we met. And even more grateful that she’s a part of my fertility story; I write this as I’m holding my sweet baby tightly. ♥️"

-Mercier Therapy Client

“I started coming to Christan when I had lost all hope and faith. Struggling with infertility, PCOS, and an irregular period were keeping my husband and I away from the dream of starting our family. However, the day I met Christan it was fate this was the path we needed to be on. The sincerity, attention to detail, compassion and so many more qualities this beautiful human has are to say the least. Needless to say before my first appointment with her, I had gone 5 months without a period and two days after I saw her I had one. I have continued to have one every month since seeing her with ovulation following right behind it. This is just the beginning of our journey but I know ultimately it will end with our rainbow baby because of this gentle and kind person we have on our side I have fallen in love with Abode Wellness and I know you would too!Christan is who you want beside you when starting your journey if you’re feeling lost with no hope. .”
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